Verséa™ Ophthalmics featured at the Eyes On 2023 Corporate Exhibit Hall Interview series

November 29, 2022by Natasha Svast

As part of the corporate exhibit hall interview series at the Eyes On 2023, Verséa Ophthalmics President, Rob Sambursky, MD, was interviewed by Brittany J. McMurren, OD.

During the interview, titled “A Deep Dive into New Testing & Therapeutic Innovations”  Rob Sambursky, MD presented new testing and therapeutic innovations that Verséa Ophthalmics is bringing to market to support Eye Care professionals.

Dr. Sambursky spoke about BIOVANCE 3L Ocular, a 3-layered decellularized, dehydrated human amniotic membrane (DDhAM) designed for comfort and improved handleability, and Tear-Based Point of Care (T-POC) Quantitative Testing Platform that consists of a portable, multifunctional reader and two tear-based quantitative biomarker test kits: IgE Allergy Test Kit and Lactoferrin Dry Eye Test Kit.

Listen to the whole interview below to learn more:



About Verséa™ Ophthalmics
Verséa™ Ophthalmics, LLC, a business division of Verséa Health, Inc. (“Verséa”), is one of the fastest growing U.S. healthcare companies on a mission to revolutionize eye care. It is specialized in the sale and distribution of innovative solutions for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of ocular surface diseases. To learn more, visit Verséa™ Ophthalmics webpage