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“Our terminal decline into old age and death stems from the fine print of the contract that we signed with our mitochondrial two billion years ago.”—Nick Lane

The ability of living systems to thrive depends on two core processes:

1) to create a protected intracellular environment resilient to adapting to and limiting extracellular stressors, and

2) a system that can generate energy to sustain intracellular homeostasis. All disease processes emanate from compromised cellular membranes and defects in mitochondrial structure and function that devolve adaptation through a degradation of energy generating systems.

Verséa Discovery has developed a unique platform that probes these processes in complementary and targeted ways.

The goal of Verséa Discovery is to leverage this multi-modal and adaptable in vitro based system that probes these two core processes with high acuity to screen, identify, and de-risk novel therapeutic candidates for a myriad of human diseases.

VCX™ Discovery Platform

Our VCX™ Discovery Platform is a high throughput screening platform and process for evaluating new drug candidates (chemical, botanical, or biological entities). The adaptability of the platform is based on personalized consultation with clients to identify disease target of interest, optimized cell based models of pathophysiology, targeted mixing and matching of key cellular assays to define therapeutic benefit, and ultimate screening and candidate identification based on defined machine learning analysis based on proprietary in house validated data on reference drug targets. Additional scale and disease/target validation to screening is offered by enhanced testing in C. elegans, a model organism, for a variety of processes.

The VCX™ Discovery Platform is a scalable system that saves millions of dollars in the drug discovery process consumed by sup-prime models and assays, time to screen, and poorly identified candidate compounds. The VCX Platform de-risks the discovery and development process by providing a means of assessing the therapeutic potential of hundreds of compounds over a short period of time, generating data in months, not years.

With the completion of the development of the VCX Discovery Platform and filing of IP, Verséa Discovery is now begin screening hemp-derived and pharmaceutical compounds to build a pipeline of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and Botanical Rx drug candidates using standard as well as personalized based in vitro model systems. Areas of interest and available models at Verséa Discovery include:



If you are interested in utilizing our VCX™ Platform for your own research purposes, to assess the therapeutic potential of your compounds and select the most effective ones, let us know!