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As a Physician-directed organization, Verséa has always focused on providing products and services of the highest quality and efficacy for the benefit of the patient and the healthcare providers.

This is why Verséa has carefully selected strategic partnerships with the best companies in the industry who share our commitment to quality, efficacy, safety, integrity and excellence.

The Verséa Difference

By Physicians, For Physicians

Verséa has 25 deeply engaged and highly reputable medical advisors and owners that work to ensure clinical relevance and efficacy in all aspects of our innovation, performance, compliance, quality assurance, education and ongoing training for our customers and suppliers. We leverage our unique clinical advantage, and apply it to vet and support our suppliers and channel partners, our customers, our own account specialists, and the patients and healthcare providers that we support. Verséa believes our physician-directed approach is radically different and uniquely effective, and will prove essential to advance your company’s solutions in today’s volatile clinical markets. How do we know? – because we actually use the products we distribute in Global markets within our own practices!

Strategic Alliances – Physicians, Practices, Medical Associations

If you, your practice or Medical Association would like to explore a strategic alliance with Versea, please contact us HERE.

Our highly qualified, nationally recognized Advisors and Association Affiliates share a common thread of seeking and promoting the best innovations to better support the evolving management of acute and chronic disease, while supporting educational, business development and other professional alliances. During these difficult pandemic times, Verséa has been deeply uniting with various physicians, practices, medical associations and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to ensure proper education, innovation delivery and provide support to groups in need. In a time where in-person medical meetings and seminars have not been able to routinely occur, Verséa has extended the depth of our team and provided a means to offer our healthcare customers a full spectrum of products, services and referrals to stay vibrant and effective through these tough times.

Strategic Alliances — Manufacturers

If your company would like to work with our top-tier Physician-backed sales, marketing, education, training, research and commercialization organization, please contact us HERE

When the pandemic hit, the Verséa team immediately began expanding upon our diagnostics and pharmaceutical portfolio. Our clinically-directed team has worked alongside reputable manufacturers to deliver on relevant, innovative and clinically-sound solutions so physicians both domestically and abroad could get back to work treating patients. The Verséa team actively distributes our clinically-vetted and regulated diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and novel and supportive workflow and device solutions with the care and guidance that only a physician-backed organization can provide. We are both a direct-to-Physician selling organization with peer-to-peer outreach, as well as a distribution company with reach through vetted and reputable value-added distributors.

Versea also offers Manufacturers ongoing guidance around FDA and notified body submissions and helps develop clinical and scientific pathways for your novel solutions. Through our physician-partner backed Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), we can also provide additional clinical trial support for diagnostic, device, and pharmaceutical customers. Verséa works alongside our Manufacturer partners in multiple ways to help envision, design, clear, educate, scientifically market and commercialize products Globally.

Strategic Alliances - Distribution

To leverage our top-tier Physician-backed sales, marketing, education, training and commercialization organization for distribution of your products, please contact us HERE

Verséa empowers our distribution partners to differentiate their offerings through translation of our core clinical values to the distributor’s customer base. We help our distribution partners supply ongoing clinical education on relevant products, services and disease states to their clients and teams. We can also help differentiate distribution companies and/or offerings with a more clinical message to carry over to the healthcare or corporate community. We look forward to working with your distribution company.

Additionally, the Verséa Business Development & Sales leadership team is tasked to Identify distribution professionals that share our clinical and/or nice market focus, and can provide solutions for our clients beyond our own existing realm of products and services. We measure the value of a potential partnership by assessing the quality of education and solutions our distribution can provide for our healthcare client’s problems, needs, and wants. In this regard, we look forward also to assessing your distribution assets that may empower our own mission.



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