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Verséa Diagnostics is a key strategic business unit of Verséa Health, Inc, providing a diversified portfolio of innovative, high quality, CLIA-waived Point-of-Care (POC), Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Lab-based testing solutions:

  • POC Diagnostics (rapid, FDA cleared/approved/EUA)
    • Infectious disease testing (COVID-19, Flu A/B, RSV, Strep, Mono, HIV-1/2, HCV)
    • Non-infectious disease testing
    • Pregnancy & Ovulation testing
    • Urinalysis testing
    • Drugs of abuse testing (urine & oral fluid)
    • Allergy testing (minimally invasive)
    • Biomarkers (Colon Cancer Screening)
  • OTC Diagnostics
    • Infectious disease testing (COVID-19, RSV)
    • Pregnancy & Ovulation testing
    • Drugs of abuse testing
  • Digital Health
    • Virtual primary care
    • Direct access to discounted lab and imaging service
    • Discount Rx card

Partner with us

We are a one-stop source provider with a unique ability to offer solutions that fit the needs of each and every of our partners, regardless of their type, size and licensing level.

Whether you are an individual or a small group physician practice, a CLIA certified laboratory or a large medical center, we will provide a flexible solution to meet your needs and fit your budget.
Verséa is also able to assist with product registrations and distribution into healthcare provider segments outside of the United States including: Canada, Mexico, South America, India.

Post-Sales Customer Support

We are a partner that provides the most comprehensive and meaningful ongoing concierge customer support.

As a company created by physicians for physicians, we understand the need to be up to date with new diagnostic discoveries. Thanks to our long-lasting partnerships with world’s manufacturing leaders and R&D alliances with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) we are able to provide a full spectrum of supporting services:
On-going education and training
Direct Assistance and Support
One-on-one Consultations
Access to our Expert Resources

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