Verséa Diagnostics, a division of Verséa Holdings, Inc., brings innovative point of care and lab-based diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers and patients. The Verséa DiagnosticsTM model of partnerships and licensing of high utility diagnostic tests gives us the flexibility to adapt quickly to existing and future market needs and provide our customers with the market’s best options from a single-source partner.  The Verséa team has a model centered around ongoing education from clinician to clinician, an ability to provide expanded clinical studies through Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s) as well as non-personal branding and awareness campaigns for all the Verséa partner manufacturers and R&D alliances.

Diversified Portfolio

The Verséa Diagnostics portfolio is continually expanding to provide high quality diagnostic solutions across a wide range of testing segments including:
CLIASupply Website
Rapid Antigen | Rapid Antibody
Drug Diagnostics

DIAGNOSTICSDrug Diagnostics

Multi-panel qualitative testing
Infection Control

DIAGNOSTICSInfection Control

Single and multi-pathogen


Inflammatory Biomarkers
1 - Technology Assessment
2 - Co-develop, acquire or license
3 - Master Distribution Position
4 - Partner on claims expansion
5 - US & Ex-Us registration
6 - Global Distribution
Verséa Diagnostics provides to bulk tests for Drug Screening, Infection Detection including COVID-19, Biomarker and Molecular to hospitals, private practices, urgent care clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare segments across the United States and internationally. Verséa is able to assist with product registrations and distribution into healthcare provider segments outside of the United States including:


The Verséa Diagnostics team of experts continues to research and identify the highest quality tests that are made to the highest standards. All the testing offered is FDA Approved or Emergency Use Authorized (EUA).

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