Verséa Overview

Verséa Holdings is a diversified global healthcare company engaged in scientific discovery, development and commercialization of innovative products and services intended to diagnose, manage, and treat debilitating diseases. Verséa operates distinct divisions including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical education, and consumer wellness, each providing value to the healthcare community and driving commercial success.

Management & Medical Advisors

The Verséa team has 350+ years of pharmaceutical and diagnostic regulatory, developmental and commercialization expertise with proven success in highly regulated markets. The collective experience of the team spans commercial and clinical operations build-outs, serving at US drug regulatory agencies, achieving FDA product approvals, successful product launches,  active private practice physicians and lifecycle management. The Verséa diagnostics team continues to evolve and has become an established single source provider of all EUA and FDA point of care and lab-based testing and screening options for healthcare providers. Verséa was awarded IRB Approval for the first HIPPA Compliant Patient Registry in the USA around a specific product line (Verséa Product).

Why Verséa?

Healthcare Professional ONLY Portfolio

Products & Services target the healthcare provider as a primary distribution channel to the patient. Practitioners receive scientific information, medical education, training and ongoing support on products and services from Verséa in addition to incremental practice revenue Verséa products generate. The combination of education and revenue generating offerings differentiates and drives loyalty with Verséa!

Clinical/Scientific Mission

The Verséa R&D team includes 25+ leading physicians and researchers each regarded as national and/or global clinical experts and spokespersons Ongoing discovery, IP development and R&D is viewed as the cornerstone for long-term growth of the company and primary differentiator from others in our market segment. In this regard, Verséa is committed to its R&D program through self-funding, pursuit of grant funding from agencies including the National Institute of Health (NIH) and more importantly the publication of our data. The Diagnostics division has formed partnerships granting access to the highest quality testing solutions needed by healthcare providers worldwide. Our advisors are involved in the conduct of ongoing multi-site studies throughout the country in private practices.

Proprietary Product & Services Portfolio

The foundation of our pharmaceutical division is a novel drug discovery platform  with the ability to efficiently screen thousands of compounds annually saving millions in failed studies and trials. This platform creates a scientific data set for all pipeline assets emerging from the platform. The Verséa medical hemp products currently utilize proprietary technology, processes, and materials to provide 4.4X greater bioavailability and absorption levels. Our diagnostics division supplies rapid point of care and lab-based testing solutions that include infectious disease, woman’s health and drugs of abuse screening kits. All tests have been FDA approved or granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA.


Verséa Diagnostics, a division of Verséa Holdings, Inc., brings innovative point of care and lab-based diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers and patients. The Verséa DiagnosticsTM model of partnerships and licensing of high utility diagnostic tests gives us the flexibility to adapt quickly to existing and future market needs and provide our customers with the market’s best options from a single-source partner. With leading Diagnostic experts as part of the Verséa team, we have been able to keep our finger on the pulse of the highest quality testing solutions worldwide. The pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty and confusion in the marketplace on appropriate testing and screening protocols. The Verséa team has a model centered around ongoing education from clinician to clinician, an ability to provide expanded clinical studies through its own Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s) as well as non-personal branding and awareness campaigns for all the Verséa partner manufacturers and R&D alliances.

OUR TEAMWe'll Ensure You Always Get the Best Results
Within each of our divisions we are dedicated to advancing our scientific and clinical understanding in order to bring the most relevant product opportunities to market.

Dr. Toby Moeller-Bertram

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Linda Hoffman, PhD
Verséa Medical AdvisorDr. Karena Wu, PT, DPT, COMT, CSCS, CKTP, CPI
Dr. Nicholas King
Practicing Physician and Medical Advisor to VerséaDr. David Kloth, M.D.
Melissa Williamson, PhD
Verséa Medical AdvisorDr. Hind Kettani M.D


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