About Verséa

Verséa is a diversified global healthcare company engaged in scientific discovery, development and commercialization of innovative products and services intended to diagnose, manage, and treat debilitating diseases.

Verséa is committed to transforming scientific discoveries into applicable healthcare & wellness solutions that are critical to improving patients’ lives.

Research & education remain as the core foundation of Verséa.

Verséa has 6 core divisions: Verséa Diagnostics, Verséa Biologics, Verséa Discovery, Verséa Health, Verséa Wellness and Verséa AgroTech.

Each division provides unique value to the healthcare community and drives commercial success of Verséa.

The Verséa team

The Verséa team consists of experienced multidisciplinary business executives and prominent scientific medical experts in their respective fields of specialties, who all work together to provide solutions to healthcare challenges humanity is facing today.

With a combined 350+ years of expertise, the Verséa team achieved both national and worldwide success:

  • providing a diversified portfolio of innovative, high quality diagnostic solutions across a wide range of testing segments and locations, establishing Verséa as an established single source provider of all EUA and FDA point of care and lab-based testing and screening options for healthcare providers
  • Leadership track record of start-up builds and exits that are also well published and influential leaders (KOL’s)
  • Cohesive team of founders, medical advisors, management and personnel have all worked together 10+ years
  • developing a proprietary VCX™ Discovery Platform to assess therapeutic potentials & risks of new drug candidates in a fast, cost-efficient way
  • using the latest cutting-edge scientific advancements in regenerative medicine to provide novel treatment solutions for a broad range of musculoskeletal and regenerative conditions that support the body’s natural ability to heal

Why Verséa?

Healthcare Professional ONLY Portfolio

Products & Services target the healthcare provider as a primary distribution channel to the patient. Practitioners receive scientific information, medical education, training and ongoing support on products and services from Verséa in addition to incremental practice revenue Verséa products generate. The combination of education and revenue generating offerings differentiates and drives loyalty with Verséa!

Clinical/Scientific Mission

The Verséa R&D team includes 25+ leading physicians and researchers each regarded as national and/or global clinical experts and spokespersons Ongoing discovery, IP development and R&D is viewed as the cornerstone for long-term growth of the company and primary differentiator from others in our market segment. In this regard, Verséa is committed to its R&D program through self-funding, pursuit of grant funding from agencies including the National Institute of Health (NIH) and more importantly the publication of our data. The Diagnostics division has formed partnerships granting access to the highest quality testing solutions needed by healthcare providers worldwide. Our advisors are involved in the conduct of ongoing multi-site studies throughout the country in private practices.

Proprietary Product & Services Portfolio

The foundation of our pharmaceutical division is a novel drug discovery platform  with the ability to efficiently screen thousands of compounds annually saving millions in failed studies and trials. This platform creates a scientific data set for all pipeline assets emerging from the platform. The Verséa medical hemp products currently utilize proprietary technology, processes, and materials to provide 4.4X greater bioavailability and absorption levels. Our diagnostics division supplies rapid point of care and lab-based testing solutions that include infectious disease, woman’s health and drugs of abuse screening kits. All tests have been FDA approved or granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA.

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Within each of our divisions we are dedicated to advancing our scientific and clinical understanding in order to bring the most relevant product opportunities to market.

Dr. Toby Moeller-Bertram

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer