Verséa Pharmaceuticals

Versea Pharmaceuticals is focused on delivering therapeutic solutions that positively impact the lives of people through innovation and product improvement.

Prescription Pharmaceutical

Verséa Pharmaceuticals is engaged in drug discovery, research, development and licensing of traditional prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals. We seek both innovative medicines in areas of a high need and improvements to established medicines to enhance patient outcomes.

We leverage our dedicated team of scientists, clinicians, experienced commercial team and access to leading researchers and technology innovators to:

  • Optimize our proprietary drug-discovery platform
  • Guide the direction of our product development pipeline and portfolio
  • Bring differentiated products to the global market-place
Prescription Hemp-Derived Therapeutics

In partnership with the global leaders in cannabis science and research our goal is to advance the understanding of the application of cannabinoids and other components of the hemp plant to create and commercialize new prescription medicines derived from hemp.

The Verséa Prescription Hemp division is focused on:

  • The discovery of new compounds exhibiting positive therapeutic signals in targeted disease states
  • Clinical development of pipeline compounds
  • Submission of NDA’s for pipeline compounds into the FDA and ex-US regulatory agencies
  • Commercialization of new and innovative hemp-derived, cannabinoid-based medical therapeutics approved by regulatory agencies
Non-Prescription Medical Hemp

The Verséa Non-Prescription Medical Hemp division is solely focused on developing and commercializing high quality scientifically differentiated hemp-derived products solely to the healthcare provider market. The Verséa Clinical brand is of higher concentration than the consumer brand and utilizes a patented formulation technology that has been proven in clinical trials to enhance the absorption of CBD by 4.4 times when compared to standard CBD oils commonly seen in the market. To learn about the Verséa HCP line of non-Rx products.

Practice Solutions

Office-Based Dispensing

Verséa has partnered with a professional healthcare management & consulting company that specializes in the implementation of all-inclusive pharmaceutical-dispensing solutions. Core competencies center on quality service and expertise in billing and collections. Our partner acts as a liaison between Workers Compensation carriers, adjusters, case managers, employers, PBMs, and healthcare providers. From introducing practices to reputable pharmaceutical suppliers, to furnishing the equipment necessary to streamline in-office medication dispensing, decades of knowledge are being applied to meet the unique needs of each individual practice.

Chronic and Transitional Care
Management Platform

Full-featured, cloud-based, mobile-first, telemedicine platform with evidence-based algorithmic guidelines, iVisitDoc video conferencing, secure text messaging, and payment processing.

MDCloud 365

The suite of applications is eliminating wasteful spending, improving workflows, and
ultimately improving patient care with data proven outcomes. Every medical practice has specific needs that Versea can help solve. This software can include remote patient Monitoring, telehealth, population health, behavioral health, case management, CCM/ TCM, ICD-10 mapping, patient portal, and mobile app capability.


Education is critical in the evidence-based alternative therapies space. By understanding the needs of the markets, Verséa is actively providing accredited continuing education to practitioners and patients. We are able to identify and address the gaps in knowledge within the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry. Through medical education, we are ultimately able to drive understanding, appropriate use, adherence to labeling and guidelines with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Our Expertise

Improve products to make them safer
and more accessible
Research Testing for Clinical Trials
Validation and Beta Testing
Safety Advisory Services

Accurate Product Testing by Expert Companies

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