Verséa Ophthalmics Commences Phase 1 Launch of Novel Tear-based Point-of-Care (T-POC) Quantitative Testing Platform

July 25, 2023by Tristen Koerber

7/25/2022, Tampa, FL – Verséa™ Ophthalmics, LLC, a division of Verséa Health, Inc. committed to delivering novel, high-value diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to improve ocular disease, proudly announces the commencement of initial shipments of its T-POC TOTAL IgE Immunoassay and Lateral Flow  Readers. The company focuses on delivering innovative Tear-based Point-of-Care (T-POC) testing and biologic solutions that optimize diagnosis, treatment, and management of various eye care conditions, including ocular surface disease and pterygium surgery.

T-POC TOTAL IgE Immunoassay Kit is a new quantitative point-of-care test used in the diagnosis and management of patients suffering from ocular surface disease (OSD). Total Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is a key biomarker associated with allergic conjunctivitis with symptoms of this disease oftentimes mimicking the symptoms of dry eye disease (DED) or infectious conjunctivitis (pink eye). Unlike other available clinical assays, the T-POC TOTAL IgE test measures the actual levels of IgE, providing a numerical value that enables clinicians to differentially diagnose a patient’s condition and to inform the prescribing decision. If the test is repeated after initiation of therapy, it may allow for confirmation of a desired therapeutic response.

While today marks a milestone for the company with this initial shipment of its novel testing platform, it represents only the first phase that will focus on TOTAL IgE. Phase 2 is anticipated to follow in the next few weeks with the shipment of T-POC LACTOFERRIN, a test for aqueous deficient DED, which can be performed on the same digital reader platform.

Verséa Ophthalmics partners with AXIM® Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTCQB: AXIM), the developer and manufacturer of the tests, to manage inventory of T-POC products.

“After years of research and development, we are excited that Verséa Ophthalmics, our global exclusive commercial partner, is effectively making our advanced testing solutions accessible to better diagnose patients suffering from ocular surface disease,” said John Huemoeller II, CEO of AXIM Biotechnologies.

Rob Sambursky, MD, President of Verséa Ophthalmics stated: “Verséa Ophthalmics is proud to bring the innovative T-POC Quantitative Testing Platform to eye care professionals to aid them in appropriately diagnosing, managing, and treating their patients with ocular surface disease. Clinical symptoms frequently overlap among various conditions, making it a clinical challenge to accurately diagnose using only symptoms and traditional diagnostics. Providing a specific number representing a disease state to the doctor will empower the eye care professional to make the best-informed treatment decision for his/her patients and allow them to be better followed and managed over time.”

The company will continue to build upon its T-POC Quantitative Testing Platform with additional biomarkers. In the near future, a new product, T-POC LACTOFERRIN, will be introduced to the market. Lactoferrin is a key biomarker that can help distinguish aqueous deficient DED from evaporative DED, each of which have different treatment options to support patient relief.

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Verséa™ Ophthalmics, LLC, a division of Verséa Health, Inc., is on a mission to transform and personalize clinical and therapeutic decisions in eye care. The company focuses on delivering innovative Tear-based Point-of-Care (T-POC) diagnostics and biologic solutions that optimize diagnosis, treatment, and management of various eye care conditions, including ocular surface disease and pterygium surgery.  To learn more, visit:

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