Education is the foundation Verséa has been built upon. By understanding the needs of the markets, Verséa is actively providing ongoing education to practitioners, strategic alliance partners and patients alike. Verséa  is able to identify and address the gaps in knowledge within the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry. Through medical education, we are ultimately able to drive understanding, appropriate use, adherence to labeling and guidelines with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

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CME/CE Programs Given

EducationMedical Education

Verséa is interested in supporting Independent Medical Education (IME) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) through support provided to institutions, organizations and medial communications companies.  Areas that Verséa focuses educational support are:

  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • The science and potential application of cannabinoids and hemp derived compounds
  • Cannabis guidelines and recommendations
  • Inflammation, analgesia, mood and neurological conditions
  • Infection control, surveillance and monitoring in the pandemic and post pandemic world
  • Utility and application of point of care testing

Qualified organizations and companies my submit grant requests to support IME and CME to grants@versea,com.

I greatly appreciate the process, what we needed to do in terms of educating our peers, is something we take pride in.
Stephen Porada
COO, Founder, Verséa

EDUCATIONHealthcare Provider Educational Resources

Verséa is dedicated to providing healthcare providers access to education and information in various formats including:

  • Promotional information and education related to marketed products
  • Studies and papers in the scientific and medical literature

If you are interested in accessing the Verséa education and information library pleas go to and register to gain access to our information and educational library.