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Verséa AgroTech Division utilizes proprietary, patented life-extension technologies to help solve global issues of food security, waste and sustainability.

POST-HARVEST EXTENDED SHELF-LIFE PACKAGING (ESP) TECHNOLOGIES extend the life of fresh produce and flowers from growers’ fields to retailers’ shelves.

Secure package design provides extended sustainability and security of fresh, perishable produce throughout the supply chain to significantly reduce waste and reduce incidence of harmful pathogens and contaminants.

The Extended Shelf-life Packaging (ESP) system provides a hermetically sealed, thermodynamic cooling effective carton that is 100% recyclable and organic-certified for fruits and vegetables.

It controls the environment in the box via a series of novel technologies.

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Interview with the Inventor
  • Ability to Harvest Produce when Prime
  • Reduce Food Spoiling and Waste with Extended Shelf-Life
  • Reduce Claims and Rejections for Sellers
  • Avoid Product Overpacking
  • Access to long distance markets
  • Optimize freight and logistic costs & Reduce Carbon Footprint (shift air freight to sea freight)
  • Product shipment WITHOUT ICE and WAX BOXES
  • No fumigation of US imports
  • Tamper-resistant sealed carton = No product contamination
  • Food Safety and Security Maximized


The Verséa AgroTech Team is looking forward to partnering with food producers and suppliers interested in utilizing our Post-harvest Extended Shelf-Life Packaging (ESP) Technologies.

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